Moncton, NB

While attending University in Sackville, our founder realized that many of his fellow students had a difficult time finding furniture, as there were few stores around them and many of the students had little to no transportation. Seeing an opportunity, he began to purchase furniture at auctions and would then resell it to the students at a reasonable price.

After graduation, he and his father decided to rent a warehouse and start filling it with liquidated merchandise purchased directly from suppliers. They dabbled in various types of liquidated items, but their ultimate decision was to focus on furniture – just as he had done in the beginning. With hard work and commitment to their customers, the company has flourished over the past five years and is now one of the biggest furniture liquidators in Atlantic Canada.

Just like our founder, The Liquidation Guys truly believes that choosing your furniture shouldn’t break the bank. We promise to get you what you’re looking for at the price you deserve.