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Furniture Trends of 2019

Each new year comes with new goals, new colors, and new trends to follow! Those who are in the market for a new home or simply redecorating are going to be on the hunt for new and up-to-date furniture. Before you head out to the stores, we want to make sure you are on top of this year’s furniture trends so that your space looks as beautiful and modern as possible.



2019 is all about luxurious and eye-catching fabrics. Think gorgeous velvets, soft leathers, and bold accents. The luxe velvets are being seen in bedrooms on upholstered headboards or as statement couches in only the most beautiful living spaces. Leather is a very versatile fabric, easy to clean and yet visually pleasing. It can be used for couches or a surprising accent pillow. If your space needs an extra punch, try a geometric patterned chair or ottoman; it will have everyone talking.



This year is seeing many muted and moody tones throughout the house. For pieces that stand the test of time, go for a warm neutral or dark grey and build from the simple colored base. In order to keep your room on trend, add blush tones through pillows and blankets, or go bold and buy a blush coffee table! Bedrooms and more romantic spaces are being adorned in deep jewel tones which partner well with the velvet fabric mentioned above.



While they might seem mismatched, this year is about wicker and metal. Furniture pieces are popular when made from wicker, or you can opt for the more functional side table. Metals are seen in tables and decor but do not be afraid to mix, think pewter and rose gold or yellow gold and bronze. Have some fun with your accents.



While some years are about minimalism or elegant wooden detailing, the furniture in 2019 is about multifunctional design and comfort. Many people are opting for smaller living spaces, which requires furniture that can perform more than one duty, such as a chair with a built-in side table or a couch that pulls out into a guest bed. Don’t be afraid to add pillows and blankets, 2019 is seeing overstuffed furniture that has everyone wanting to snuggle in.


However, you decide to decorate your living space, whatever furniture you choose, make sure it reflects your personality. Liquidation Guys has trendy, comfortable furniture in a variety of styles and colors. Make sure to visit our Albert Street location and pick out your next great furniture pieces at even better prices!